Here are 3 Ways to Get Advance Songwriter Royalties and Payments for Your Songs & Lyrics

As you know, Getting Paid for the Songs you Write is the ultimate sign of success in the songwriting industry. And although many songwriters and lyricists write songs simply for the enjoyment of it, we know there are many more of you who want to get your songs recorded by today's top Recording Artists, or get signed by one of today's top new Record Companies ... and earn songwriter royalties for every song or lyric that you write
So for this songwriting post, we go straight to the experts from the Music-Industry Songwriters Workshop, where music-industry pros help songwriters and lyric-writers Sell their Songs and Lyrics for Advance Royalties and Payments. Songwriters can click here to see the results from the songwriter workshop on the workshop's Songwriters Page.

1. When you Sell Your Songs and Lyrics to Music Producers and Recording Artists, make sure that you (or your manager) negotiates a deal that includes an advance payment or royalty, in exchange for you giving up the rights to the song. After all, you'll want to make sure you're paid fairly for your songs & lyrics, even if the song doesn't achieve much success.

2. If you are a singer-songwriter and would like to Get Signed by a Record Company, make sure that Your Manager includes an advance against royalties in your songwriting contract. After all, you'll want to be covered and well-paid even if the Record Company doesn't promote your songs as much as you hoped. If you don't have a manager, you might want to check out The Songwriter's Manager and Agent Directory , to get yourself an agent or manager who can pitch your songs and lyrics to record companies and recording artists for you, as well as register your copyrights, royalty rights and music publishing rights.

3. If you're not a singer-songwriter and would prefer to Get Your Songs & Lyrics Recorded by Today's Top Recording Artists, then you might want to get yourself a current Song-Marketing Kit and recording artist address directory, to make sure that you send your songs and lyrics to recording artists who are currently looking for new material.


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